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Welcome to INDIAdonates, an entity and a flagship initiative of DevPro Trust! We work as ENABLERS, by bringing together the people who want to give and the organisations that work on the ground to make a difference. As a network organisation we work with some of the best NGOs in India to support them in the mobilization of critical resources and in building strong institutions.

DEVPRO is registered and trusted Indian charity organisation, with more than two decades of experience in the implementation of development programmes in India.

Ethical Fundraising

We strive to uphold high standards of transparency and accountability thereby promoting ‘ethical fundraising’ through online donation to NGOs

  • Minimum Administration Cost

    Administration Cost

  • Credible Accredited NGOs

    Accredited NGOs

  • End To End Transparency

    End To End

  • Privacy Of Donors Is Ensured

    Privacy Of
    Donors Is Ensured

  • Every Rupee Contributed Will Be Utilized For Intended Purpose

    Every Rupee Contributed Will Be Utilized For Intended Purpose

Hear what our valued donors have to say

I'm a normal college student who has always been ready to help others, whenever possible. This time, I decided that Ramadan Eid would be the perfect occasion to help out and donate while also spreading joy and compassion.



Junaid Ahmad

My decision to donate wasn't influenced by watching a video or listening to a story. I can affirm that my internal conscience motivated and compelled me to give and assist those in need. I am pleased to say that such an action ought to originate from within.

Rahul Jangir

As I came across INDIAdonates videos on YouTube, every campaign story was so hearttouching and emotional. I thanked God for giving me so much privilege. The extreme hardships undergone by people compelled me to donate. INDIAdonates and the team are doing great job by helping the needy across the country. 

Narendra Gupta

I have always been thankful to the Almighty for giving me great opportunities and privileges to earn a good living. Whenever I got a chance, I came forward to help those in need. Though I am not very tech-savvy, my grandchildren help me with the online donations. As they say, When there is a will, there is a way! 


Since the past four years, I have planned and started making a habit of saving a certain amount of money, which I use for charities and donations for a good cause. I really feel fortunate and thank God for allowing me to do what I planned.




I think it is an absolute bliss to donate and help others. It's good to see INDIAdonates gathering to save humanity. Keep up the good work. All the best for your future endeavours.

Arham Shaikh
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    Our global ambassadors are leaders who are spread across the world, and are steering our cause through indirect participation by providing their know-how on programme management, finance, leadership, administration and more.

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