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Who we are

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - MK Gandhi

INDIAdonates - legally held by DevPro Trust, was set up in the year 2018 by Dr Sanjay Patra and Mr Sandeep Sharma, primarily to support small and mid-sized Indian NGO’s. We do this by playing a bridge role between people who are interested in making a difference and organizations working on the ground to effect it. Our transparent and secure online donation medium help donors support causes that matter, and assist them in making strategic, and effective grants. We partner with some of the most trusted charity organizations in India and ensure that they have the necessary funds, training and support needed to enhance their outreach and impact.

We follow the principles of transparency and accountability in all our work. We are accountable to our donors and beneficiaries on how the funds are utilized. Our non- profit partners across geographical and thematic areas follow norms of good governance and go through a thoughtfully designed due diligence process which is focussed on finding and strengthening groups that can make the most difference in their communities. Donate to NGOs in India, and make a difference now.

Leadership / Our Team

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Leadership /Our Team

Areas of Support

  • Disability
  • Disaster & Response
  • Health
  • Education
  • Elderly Care
  • Environment
  • Income Generation
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Others

Disability in India affects 26 million people, an estimated 2.1 % of the entire population. Devpro-INDIAdonates, currently works with various NGO partners to create an inclusive society.

Disaster & Response

We work towards creating a systematic channel to respond to natural disasters by partnering with local NGOs and other logistics and supply chains to Respond, Act, Aid and Mobilize.


Rural-urban disparity, availability of medical experts, higher costs in the private sector has a disabling effect on the overall health statistics of the country. We are currently working in the areas of Malnutrition, Menstruation and Mental Health.

As one of the five Sustainable Development Goals (2030) set up by the UN, education is a crucial component for any developing nation. The overall literacy rate in India is 69.1 per cent.

Elderly Care

According to a UN report, the ageing population which was around 7.5% in 2001, is expected to increase by 19% by 2050. This demography is highly overlooked leading to marginalization and isolation.


According to the IPCC report, we need to combat the rising temperatures worldwide and limit it within 1.5 degrees. As one of the SDGs, it is our collective duty to work towards creating a sustainable environment for all living creatures.

Income Generation

For the past decade, India’s youth unemployment rate has been hovering around the 10 % mark. Upskilling the youth and making them future-ready is an important derivation of income-generation.

Water and Sanitation

"The World Bank estimates that more than 500 children under the age of five die each day from diarrhoea in India alone." Ensuring safe & affordable drinking water along with an infrastructure to support sanitation facilities is vital for any nation.


We are always open to social innovation projects and other development ideas even if they do not fall under the thematic areas. So don’t be shy to write back to us.