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What is DevPro-INDIAdonates?

DevPro-INDIAdonates is a network organization that helps in resource mobilization and capacity building of small and mid-sized NGOs. We mobilize funds through individual and corporate giving, and also provide modules on fundraising, communication and programme implementation.

Why DevPro-INDIAdonates was introduced?

To ethically raise resources for NGOs and strengthen their core capacities for sustainable implementation of development programmes.

What is the legal structure of DevPro-INDIAdonates?

INDIAdonates is held by DevPro Trust a registered charitable Trust under FCRA Act and Sec 12 A and Sec 80 G of Income Tax Act. In case you have any other questions, feel free to reach us info@indiadonates.org

What are the thematic areas you can donate in, through DevPro-INDIADonates?

Currently there are 8+1 thematic areas viz;

Differently abled

Disaster & Response





Income generation

Water & sanitation.

Apart from any aforesaid themes we have multiple projects in OTHERS category for which you can also donate.

You can access the entire list here.

How can you donate at DevPro-INDIAdonates?

Donors can donate via 2 options:

Guest Login
Registered Login

Is it a very complicated procedure to donate to DevPro-INDIAdonates?

Here’s what you have to do to make a donation at Indiadonates site:

For Guest Login -

  • You can directly click on DONATE BUTTON on any project under any thematic area on our homepage
  • Fill in your basic details on the redirected page
  • Pay as you go

For Registered Login -

  • Click on the DONOR SIGNUP on our homepage – this should redirect to donor signup on homepage.
  • Fill in your basic details

Pay as a registered Donor & get updates on your very own donor profile

Who all can donate through DevPro-INDIAdonates?

Indian individuals, Corporates, CSR Foundations, Funding Agencies, Philanthropic Institutions, can make donations through our platform.

How is the credibility of NGOs ensured at DevPro-INDIAdonates?

Every NGO listed on the platform undergoes a due diligence process that seeks to assess its financial management and program management capacity.

When will get I get a donation receipt?

The donor gets the donation receipt instantly without any delay. In case you don’t get it instantly please reach out to us at info@indiadonates.org

What tax benefit will I get, if I choose to donate via DevPro-INDIAdonates?

Indian donor will be eligible to avail tax exemption under the Sec 80G of Income Tax Act.

How would I know about the progress of the project?

There is an inbuilt reporting back mechanism. For every project listed in the portal, fund utilisation statement and activity implementation report will be uploaded on half yearly basis.

What all information is saved in our database?

Data privacy is extremely important to us at DevPro-INDIAdonates. We only store email id and phone numbers on occasions when individuals subscribe to our newsletter, resources, events or updates, for prompt communication.  Adhering to strict privacy policy we do not store any payment-related information at our servers. We only use cookies to provide you with a better experience.

What are the modes of payment at DevPro-INDIAdonates?

We accept donations through all the major credit & debit cards and other payment modes.

How does DevPro-Indiadonates ensure payment security ?

Your donation is secured via Razorpay software at Indiadonates.

Can I share my experience of donating in your platform?

DevPro- INDIAdonates has a Testimonial Section, where we publish experiences shared by donors. If you wish to share your experience, please write to us at info@indiadonates.org

What if my address or phone number changes?

You can always email us at info@indiadonates.org to update this information.

Will DevPro-INDIAdonates send me the tax exemption certificate?

For online donations, instant 80G receipt is mailed to your mail id. For Offline donations, we send a hard copy of the 80G receipt within 5 working days, after the transaction is confirmed by the bank. Incase there is a technical problem please contact us at info@indiadonates.org and call us at +91-120-4773200

Can Devpro-INDIAdonates receive foreign funds?

INDIAdonates is held by DevPro Trust, a registered charitable Trust under FCRA Act, and is eligible to receive foreign grants or donations. These funds will be solely used for operations/programs/admin purposes of INDIAdonates and cannot be sub-granted to other partner NGOs. 

What kind of NGOs can register at Indiadonates

We work with small and medium sized NGOs, who wishes to raise funds online and have the potential to bring transformational change in the lives of people. You can register here.

How can an NGO register at DevPro-INDIAdonates?

You can simply click here & follow the process. Incase you face any technical problem, reach out to us at info@indiadonates.org

What is the Due Diligence process?

Due-diligence implies a thorough review of the program management, financial management system, legal compliances and related governance aspects of the registered organisations to assess their institutional capacity.

Are there any specific parameters for an organisation to register at DevPro-INDIAdonates?

At DevPro-Indiadonates, we believe in the principle of ethical fundraising & we expect our partner organisations to also adhere to the laws & have all the financials, legal documents in place.

How will any NGO get to know in case they are not shortlisted by DevPro-INDIAdonates?

Those NGOs who fail to meet DevPro-INDIAdonates’ compliance standards will be intimated over email after the completion of the due diligence process.