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From Streets to Schools

By Bangalore ooniyavaraseva coota (BOSCO)
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  • “All of us at one point or another have faced challenges and difficulties, but I am grateful to my mentors at BOSCO, who instilled in me motivation and changed my behaviour,” says Dinesh

Dinesh was orphaned when he was three, but soon he was adopted by a family. However, destiny had other plans for him, the ill-treatment at home made him feel like an outsider and although he was young, he ran away from his house, and came to Bengaluru. He settled on a road side doing odd jobs, until he was rescued by BOSCO. Dinesh stayed in BOSCO for more than 12 years, earning education, love, respect and care. He now has a degree in Hotel Management from Christ College, and specialises in Kitchen and Bakery.

“All of us at one point or another have faced challenges and difficulties, but I am grateful to my mentors at BOSCO, who instilled in me motivation and changed my behaviour,” says Dinesh.

Like Dinesh, BOSCO rescues 8-12 kids everyday from train and bus stations, who leave their house sometimes, out of pain, agony, in search for better life, and sometimes to explore.

“Every day we come across at least 10-12 kids in the age group of 6-12 who end up in the train & bus stations in Bengaluru, clueless about what do.” says Nirmala, Fundraising Manager.


BOSCO follows a two-fold strategy to address the needs of vulnerable youth and children who come from serious socio-economic crisis and acute poverty. On one hand, BOSCO team identifies children from the rescued population who are either united with their parents, and given counselling for a year. Or they would be admitted in skill training centres, given food, nutrition and shelter. To support this programme, BOSCO works very closely with Child Welfare Centre and local Police Station in Bengaluru. On the other hand, they also identify and motivate the children and youth who are pushed into begging due to acute poverty to enrol in courses, for livelihood and developing soft skills. Most of these are migrant children settled in the slums of KR Market and Shivajinagar to earn livelihood. Their parents work as daily wage earners, waste segregation, construction /domestic work cart driving, rag picking, vegetable and fruit vending etc. These unskilled jobs provide little or no support to the families, pushing them towards extreme poverty. The parents in turn force the children to beg on the streets, to sustain their living.  

“Majority of the children rescued from either the streets or from stations come from dysfunctional families, and exhibit extreme behaviour patterns. Their painful experiences in their formative years make them quick to temper, sadness, hate etc. They struggle to follow a routine, have poor concentration and therefore barely want to study,” says Nirmala, Fundraising Manager.


To address this issues, BOSCO does recurring interventions with a minimum of six months’ period of time to address their psycho-social needs, to root out the negative trauma. This combined with vocational training with non-formal education seems helps them to learn practical applications, bringing them closer to an attainable life, and better livelihood.

Currently, BOSCO runs 9 such child development centres with 450 kids. Through this project, BOSCO will provide soft skills, and vocational training, to 80 kids. This includes trades in Bakery, Electrical Goods, and Computer. The kids are also taught about self-resilience, leadership qualities, and motivated to take up new challenges. BOSCO which also has a placement cell, will look after the employability of these kids, after the completion of the course.

Your contribution, will not only make them self-reliant but also lift them out of poverty.

Sl.No Particulars Cost per beneficiary/ month (INR) Cost per benificiary for 9 months (INR) Total cost (INR)
1 Cost for electrical training for 25 kids 850 7650 191250
2 Cost for bakery training for 25 kids 850 7650 191250
3 Cost for Computer training for 30 kids 820 7380 221400
Total 603900


Rs 840 per month can make a child self reliant and stay out of povety. 



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