Empowering Survivors of Violence and their Children: Building a Future of Hope

By Development Education Service (DEEDS)

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Those who survive violence face relentless hardships, navigating a life fraught with fear and the struggle to secure essential resources for survival. Amidst this turmoil, children often emerge as secondary victims, profoundly affected by the challenging circumstances.

In the serene town of Bagalkote, Savita (name changed) confronted the harsh reality of domestic violence within the confines of her in-laws' home. Enduring prolonged suffering, the pivotal moment arrived when she realized the toll it took on her daughter Priya's (name changed) education and well-being. Summoning courage, Savita escaped with Priya, venturing into the uncertainties of the world. Stranded without shelter or sustenance, their salvation materialized through INDIAdonates' partner, DEEDS, an unwavering support system advocating for women's rights in their taluk. In the abyss of despair, DEEDS became a beacon of hope, offering not just comforting words but tangible assistance. They provided the duo with essential resources, ensuring food on their table, a secure shelter, and uninterrupted education for Priya. DEEDS didn't merely extend a helping hand; they transformed despair into an opportunity for the struggling pair. With guidance and counseling from DEEDS, Savita's parents and siblings became a newfound support system. Inspired by DEEDS, Savita, equipped with skill development training, gradually embraced micro-entrepreneurship, reclaiming her independence. Today, Priya studies without the weight of worry, while Savita focuses on blossoming into a self-sufficient and successful business owner. DEEDS, through compassion and action, not only mended broken spirits but also sowed the seeds of resilience and transformation in the lives of Priya and Savita.

Join us in supporting 12 more survivors of violence and their children in their journey toward healing, safety, and a brighter future. Your generous donations will provide life-changing assistance such as food, shelter, healthcare, and education for children, enabling these brave individuals to rebuild their lives and break free from the cycle of violence.

Providing Shelter:

Give survivors hope by providing a safe home. Your donations offer emergency accommodation, transitional housing, and long-term shelter. Help them heal and rebuild their lives after enduring unimaginable trauma.

Meeting Basic Needs:

Ensure survivors never go hungry or thirsty. Your donations provide nourishing meals, clean water, and essential hygiene products. By meeting these basic needs, we restore their dignity and empower them to overcome the emotional and psychological remnants of their past.

Healthcare and Trauma Support:

Your contributions bring healing to survivors with deep emotional and physical scars. Your support enables comprehensive healthcare- medical checkups, counseling, and therapy. By offering these vital services, you help survivors rebuild self-esteem, overcome trauma, and regain control over their lives. Empower them to embrace a future free from violence.

Education and School Fees:

Give every child a chance at education, no matter their background. Your donations break barriers for survivors’ children, making school accessible and empowering them to escape the cycle of violence.

Your support will change the course of the lives of survivors of violence and their children.

By donating today, you become a beacon of hope, bringing light to their darkest moments. Together, we can empower survivors to overcome their traumatic experiences, rebuild their lives, and create a better future for themselves and their children!

Together, we can build a world free from violence, fear, and suffering.

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Total Cost (INR)

Provision of food, shelter, health needs for the survivors and their children, and school fees for children 


12 survivors of violence and their children (for 6 months)


Personnel (Project Coordinator cum Counselor)

  1. Identification of survivors
  2. Counselling services
  3. Individualized handholding support


6 months


To set up a space for the survivors to avail counselling services




Monitoring cost to track survivors’ progress

Reporting on the project outcome



6 months







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