Development Education Service (DEEDS)

Deeds is a registered society formed in the year 1982 to work as an NGO with the marginalized groups for the empowerment.The core purpose is to help the marginalized, improve their lives by becoming aware of their situation and setting their own development agenda.The key strategies are training and capacity building among the marginalized and those working through people-centred,participatory,reflective human right based approach.

The Organization has emerged as the promoter of womens rights through building a paralegal force who engage in legal,gender,education and assist them to lead a life of dignity and self reliance.

Deeds has been training Paralegal facilitators from five Districts of Karnataka for the last four years. The aim is to develop competency and knowledge of social activists for legal interventions at the grassroots level on the issues violence against women.It has developed paralegal facilitators and built a network at the state level.

Deeds also has built a wealth of information and disseminates materials regularly for voicing concerns of women for empowerment through training,workshop and gender sensitive programs.

Our Vision

A Just, humane, participatory and sustainable society.

Our Mission

Sustainable process of human development based on Gender Equality and human rights, through education, empowerment, organization, advocacy and promoting peoples initiatives.

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A-1 Annand Apartment, Vasanthi Complex, Kadri, Mangalore -575002
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