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  • Although there are so many girls that I teach now, but 8 years back it was not the case. I started my classes with only 5 kids, because...

    Despite laws and regulations it is still prevalent in many parts of India.

Shakuntala’s husband was the sole earning member of the family, but despite the modest income from the small sweet shop he owned and three toddlers who kept her hands busy, Shakuntala’s life was a happy one. However, disaster struck 11 years ago, when her husband died while trying to save the neighbours kids trapped inside a collapsed building. The intense grief was quickly replaced by the challenge of having to fend for herself and her young children; to make a living and ensure her kids received an education. Financial independence seemed like a distant dream, Shakuntala seemed to have reached a crossroads. Married off at a young age, Shakuntala barely managed to get an education, however her inkling towards books always remained. 

Determined to make a difference in the life of her family, she set out to educate her kids and herself. Seeing the difference getting an education had made in her life, she joined SPECTRA as a teacher and motivator to help other kids in the village receive the education that they deserved. In the 8 years she has worked at SPECTRA, Shakuntala has taught countless girls, all of whom have gone on to complete their higher studies, and even managed to get her degree in BA and BST. 

“Although there are so many girls that I teach now, but 8 years back it was not the case. I started my classes with only 5 kids, because parents were reluctant to send their girls to school. They wanted them to stay back at home and do household chores. I used to spend an hour daily going from one house to another, convincing the parents to send the girl kids to the learning centres,” says Shakuntala, who is now preparing for government exams.

Society for Public Education Cultural Training & Rural Action (SPECTRA) based in Alwar, Rajasthan aims to bring change by educating girl children, generating awareness on repercussions of child marriage and imparts knowledge on menstrual health and hygiene



The lack of girl child education in the villages of Alwar have proved to be very harmful for them and the community. Most girls are either school dropouts, irregular or are enrolled but do not attend the school. Other challenges in the education system include lack of staff, facilities and the location of the school.


In order to provide the girls a dignified life and an education they so deserve, SPECTRA has set up learning centres for irregular children. Each learning centre has 30 kids where they are taught using learning materials that promote activity-based learning. The children are taught numerical learning, computer education, have access to a library and all other co-curricular activities are conducted. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a different set of problems. As learning centres needed to be shut owing to the COVID-19 lockdown, the teachers and trainers of these learning centres now go from door-to-door teaching the kids in groups of 5-6.

Other activities include: 

  • Supervisors/Teachers conduct group meetings and need based individual counseling keeping in mind the COVID rules and regulations  once in a week with the children of our SHG members and the children residing closer to the learning Centers.
  • Door to door Awareness Campaign of adolescent girls on Early Girl Child Marriage and menstrual hygiene management along with Distribution of Pamphlets and Orientation for concept presentation and awareness building to Mothers of the visiting household by the Supervisors
  • Hygiene awareness sessions on maintaining menstrual hygiene during this period especially for adolescent girls are conducted
  • Distribution of 100 sanitary napkins to school going girls who are not receiving it due to school closures. 

Where there is a will, there is a way. Although the existing pandemic poses multiple challenges, we can together overcome them.

Your contribution to this project will help SPECTRA amplify their effort towards imparting equitable education.  

Sl.no. Description No. of Beneficiary Cost per unit (INR) Amount (INR)
1 Online Training of adolescent girls on Early Girl Child Marriage and menstrual hygiene management.
a)IEC Materials 
b) Mothers Group Orientation
c) Refreshment
200 1500 300000
2 Distribution of Sanitary Napkins 200 50 10000
3 Distribution of mask and sanitizer 500 70 35000
Total Rs.345000


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