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Payroll Giving & its Benefits

The moment an NGO becomes our partner, we start endorsing them to our corporate supporters for Payroll Giving, based on the needs of our partners and the requirements of our supporters. Payroll giving allows NGOs to get a stipulated monthly amount as a donation from corporate employees. The aggregate of such amount is directly transferred by the employers to the project they wish to support. Indiadonates will play the role of an intermediary to make such connections, maintain transparency and financial hygiene. We would also organise a monthly activity in corporate houses to acquaint them with our projects partners, simultaneously corporates can browse for projects directly on our platform.


Tax benefits

Indiadonates would provide each donor with a separate receipt, which would enable them to claim Income tax exemption under section 80G of the Income-tax Act.

Report Back

Indiadonates would do a quarterly report back on the project that the employees have donated to, they can also track the progress of the project through our platform.


We also organise volunteering opportunities for interested employees, on the basis of requirements for a hands-on developmental experience.