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If you are seeking to fulfil your organisations’ social responsibility by funding a project that aligns with your corporate goals, look no more. We work with a pool of credible NGOs from various parts of India. Each of these organizations are unique in terms of their program outreach and delivery. Corporate Foundations often struggle in finding the right kind of NGOs, that suits their requirement, goals and vision. We make sure to fill in the gap by connecting corporates with the right pool of NGO partners.

Why Us?

We minimise your search by facilitating the process of selecting projects, which are within the focus areas of the corporate organization.
NGOs go through a rigorous due-diligence process and have been assessed on their financial management capacity and program management system.
Indiadonates seeks to promote and uphold the principle of accountability and transparency. We will provide you with a dedicated manager to address all your queries.
Indiadonates would be involved in grant management, monitoring and reporting in order to ensure project implementation, through a strong inbuilt monitoring and reporting mechanism.