Night School for Women : Education knows no age bar.

By Manthan Sanstha
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  • Promoting social and economic cohesion for women and girls

A meagre salary from working laboriously in the surrounding salt pans, an alcoholic husband and kids to look after, Tara’s problems were mounting without any end in sight. An insufficient income further amplified Tara’s distress. Determined to make a change and bring some financial stability to the family, she set out in search for business avenues. Her search landed her in a small town in Gujarat , however, the journey was not a smooth one. 

Tara’s inability to read even her train ticket or identify the platform made her board a wrong train, to an unknown place - thousands of kilometers away from her hometown. As she sought help from people, she realised the importance of education, the ability to read and write, which she did not possess. But this small detour changed her outlook towards life. Her humiliation, embarrassment, and tears, did not dim her spirit. When she was finally able to return to her family, Tara reached out to Manthan Kotri, an NGO which works on empowering marginalised and excluded communities in Ajmer. 

On her insistence and realising the need of education for women,Tara along with others were inducted in a night school project, by Manthan Kotri. The objective of the night school was to educate women, financial literacy and master other important life skills that would help her embark on the journey of financial independence. This program was also initiated keeping in mind that most women could not dedicate their morning hours to education, as they engaged in household activities. The curriculum is designed with a mix of experiential and innovative pedagogy which provides an interactive platform for women to talk about life. 

Tara is now a business owner, who not only provides for her family but also uses her free time to teach other ladies to empower them and ensure that they are financially self-sufficient.


Manthan Sanstha has been based in Ajmer district, Rajasthan since 1998. They work to advance gender equality in three districts of Rajasthan( Ajmer, Nagaur & Jaipur). Through their community based participatory models, they aim to promote social and economic cohesion for women and girls.

Having been largely employed in the informal sector, economic losses owing to the pandemic has meant that a majority of women living in Nagaur have lost their paid work. This financial instability has brought along with it an increase in gender based violence, including domestic violence amongst a host of other problems.


Through the project, Manthan will run 7 night schools with the aim of educating 100 women through a customized curriculum. The school will impart basic literacy and communication skills, teach financial management and help generate awareness on current and emerging health issues. The curriculum comprises six subjects namely, Politics, Economics, environment, health life skills  and self & society. Special focus will also be laid on cognitive therapy that will help these women deal with mental stress and other psychological issues that the pandemic has brought about.

Much like how Tara gained an education, an understanding of how to manage a business and thereby granting her financial stability, your support can help 100 such women and make a difference in their lives. Description No. of Beneficiary Cost per beneficiary/ month (INR) Cost per benificiary for 12 months (INR) Total cost for 100 women (INR)
1 Vocational training: Candle Making, Pappermacy & chalk making,Tailorning. 100 Women 600 7200 720000
2 IEC: Teaching aids and learning material, books 70 840 84000
3 Health Check up : Eye test ,Blood test  Sanatory pad & Dentist Check-up 80 960 96000
Total cost 750 3000 900000


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